Setting Up AppBrain Ads

In order to show AppBrain interstitial ads in your app, you need to sign up for an AppBrain developer account and register your published app there using the URL to the app in Google Play.

Enable AppBrain support and publish your app to Google Play

  1. Enable the AppBrain interstitial on the Monetization tab in your Andromo project settings.

    In your Andromo project, check the box labeled AppBrain Interstitials on the Monetization tab under Interstitial Ads.


    Remember to click Save Changes when you're done.

  2. Build your Andromo project and publish the app to Google Play.

    In order to use AppBrain, your app must already be published in Google Play.

    If you aren't ready to publish your app yet, you will need to wait until it's ready before you can register it with AppBrain.

Sign up for an AppBrain developer account

  1. Sign up for an AppBrain developer account by going to and clicking the Create account button in the upper right corner, or the Get Started button.


    Then, on the next page, click "Login with Google" or "Login with Facebook" or "Login with Twitter" to sign in with whichever authentication method you prefer.


  2. The next step is to register your app with AppBrain. While you're signed into AppBrain, go to and click on the Get started button, or go directly to the AppBrain Dashboard and click on the Add new app link.


    Enter the title of your app into the field and click the Search button to search for your app.

    If no results are found, add your app to AppBrain by entering the Google Play URL for your app into the provided field, and click on the Add App button.


    You should see a brief message popup at the top of the page saying that your app will be added.


    After waiting a few minutes, return to the find your app on AppBrain page and repeat the search for your app.

    You should see a list of apps that have matching or similar titles. Find your app in the list and click the Verify button next to it.

    An email will be sent to the email address that is associated with the app's listing in Google Play. Follow the instructions in that email in order to verify that you are the app's developer.

  3. Go to your AppBrain developer dashboard and add your app by clicking "Select an app" and choosing your app from the drop down list.


  4. On the next page, confirm that the title and package name for your app are correct, and click the Save button to finish registering your app.


  5. (Optional) Test that AppBrain interstitials are showing your app.

    The AppBrain interstitial ad will be shown when you navigate to another activity within your app. This will only happen once for every period of time you set using the Time between Ads setting on the Monetization tab.

    Note that if you also have other interstitial ads enabled, only one interstitial ad will be shown for each time period, with a different ad network being chosen at random each time.