Setting Up Amazon Mobile Ads


Amazon Mobile Ads represent another way for Andromo developers to monetize their Android and Kindle Fire Apps. Enabling Amazon banner and interstitial ad units is as easy as adding any other ad units to Andromo, however there are a few steps that must be taken before this is possible.

Note: At the time this article was published the Amazon Mobile Ad Network serves ads to users in U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan as described in the "Which regions are supported?" section of the Amazon Mobile Ads API Frequently Asked Questions.

The steps needed are:

  1. Create an Amazon Developer account.
  2. Submit your payment and tax information to Amazon
  3. Obtain an Amazon Application Key.

These steps are described in the Amazon Mobile Ads API Quick Start Guide and below.

Create an Amazon Developer account

Visit the Amazon Mobile App Distribution page and create an Amazon developer account if you do not already have one.

Submit your payment and tax information to Amazon

After you have created your developer account you need to give Amazon the information they need in order to pay you. You can do this in two steps by visiting the Amazon Developer Payment Information Page and providing your payment information, and by submitting your tax information via the Tax Identity Interview. (skip this step if you have already submitted this information through the Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal). This information is required to receive ads.

Obtain an Amazon Application Key

In order to show Amazon ads in your Andromo app you will need to obtain an Amazon Application Key and then add it to your Andromo project.

Obtaining an Amazon Application Key is described in the Amazon Mobile Ads API Quick Start Guide as follows:

Once signed in, click on the My Apps tab and select an existing app or click on the Add a New App button. For a new app, fill in the App title and Category fields and click the Save button. Click the Mobile Ads tab, answer the child-directed question, and click Submit. It's important to note that apps that are directed at children under 13 are not eligible to participate in the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. See Personal Information and COPPA in the FAQ to learn more.

If you answer that your app is not directed at children under 13, the next screen will show the unique Application Key value, which is a 32-character globally unique alphanumeric string that is used to identify your app. The same Application Key can be used across platforms, but each distinct app must have a unique Application Key. For example, the IMDb app uses the same Application Key on Android phone and Fire tablets, but the IMDb Trivia app has a different Application Key.

The Application Key is used in the setAppKey call mentioned in Step 3 of the Quick Start Guide, and your developer reports will aggregate data by Application Key. Proper use of your Application Key permits accurate tracking, reporting, and accrual of advertising fees.

Note: If you use an Application Key that is issued for one app in connection with the display of ads on a second app, we will not pay you for any resulting impression, click or other user action relating to ads on the second app.

Enable Amazon Ads in your Andromo Project

Once you have your Amazon Application Key from the Mobile Ads tab of your app in your Amazon Developer account, you need to enable Amazon Banner Ads and/or Amazon Interstitial Ads on the Monetization Tab of your Andromo project, and then enter your application key in the "Amazon Application Key" field(s). Next you will need to save your changes and rebuild your app.

If you wish to publish your app to the Amazon Appstore, see Amazon's article Submitting Apps to the Amazon Appstore or publish your app to your other favourite Android App Stores.

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