Setting up Airpush Ads


Airpush is another Ad Network that Andromo developers can use to monetize their Android apps. Adding Airpush banners (standard banners) to your app is a very simple procedure much like other ad networks:

  1. Register for an Airpush Developer Account
  2. Add your App to Airpush
  3. Add your Airpush API Key and App ID to your Andromo App
  4. Build and Test your App
  5. Complete your Account and Payment Info

Register for an Airpush Developer Account

The first step is to register for an Airpush Developer Account. On the account registration page, choose the "I'm a Developer" account type.

Add your App to Airpush

Sign in to your Airpush developer account and select the "Dashboard" tab from the options at the top of the page:


Press the "Add Application" button:


Adding your app involves 3 steps:

Step 1 - App Info

Fill in the required information about your app, and press the "Continue" button. If your app hasn't been submitted to an app store yet, you can enter a temporary URL, for example, a Google Play store URL containing your package name.


Step 2 - Ad Formats & Targeting

Andromo supports 1 of the ad formats available in Airpush, "Banner Ads". Uncheck all of the other ad formats that are not supported:

Banner Ads: Enable / Check if you want to show banners:


Once you're finished enabling/disabling the ad types, press the "Continue" button.

Step 3 - SDK Page - Copy your IDs

The next page you'll see contains information about Airpush's SDKs along with your API Key and App ID. Andromo automatically includes the appropriate Airpush SDK, so you can ignore that information, however at this stage you'll want to copy your API Key and App ID so you can enter them into your Andromo project.


NOTE: It takes time for your app to show on your Airpush Dashboard, so if you forgot to copy your IDs, wait a little while and check back to see if your apps have been updated in your account. Once your app has been added to your Airpush dashboard, you can find your API Key labeled in green and your App IDs under the "App ID" column of your list of apps.

Add your Airpush API Key and App ID to your Andromo App

Now that you have your Airpush "API Key" and "App ID", all you need to do is enable Airpush banners in your Andromo app and enter those IDs. You can enable Airpush in your app and enter these values on the Monetization tab of your Andromo project.

Build and Test your App

After you've enabled Airpush and entered your IDs, rebuild your app and test it to make sure you're seeing the new ads. It can take a little while before ads start being served to your app, so don't be alarmed if you don't see them initially as it takes around 30 minutes for the changes on the Airpush site to be reflected in your app. You should start seeing them consistently as more ad requests are made after initial configuration.

Complete your Account and Payment Info

If you haven't already, make sure you complete your account and payment information in your Airpush account before releasing your app.