Flickr Photo Feeds

For more information on the Flicker activity please see the Flickr activity knowledge base article.

Finding your Flickr User ID

It is important to remember that your Flickr User ID is not your Flickr screen name or username. Flicker User ID’s are (mostly) numeric strings that uniquely identify you on Flickr. The easiest way to get your user ID is to get it from the URL of your photostream. For example my photostream URL is:

My User ID is the string after /photos/ and before the final / so my User ID is:


You can also try this website if you are having problems:


You can also show specific Flickr galleries in your Andromo app. The easiest way to get your gallery's feed URL is to visit your gallery in your web browser and find the feed link in the bottom left of the page:


Clicking on the link should open the feed URL in your web browser, and from there you can copy the URL and paste it into your Flickr activity.

Searching Via Tags

You can also search for images in the public Flickr feed using tags. To do this you need to use the tags query parameter and specify a comma-delimited list of tags to search for as its data. For example I'm going to create a search for Flickr photos that have been tagged with beer.

First I will take the public Flickr feed URL:

And then I will add my tag search:

Now let's say I also wanted to search for Belgian beers, I might try something like the following:,belgium

More Options

There are more tools and feeds available from flickr. For more information please see the flickr feed documentation