Adding a YouTube video playlist feed to your Android app

If you have a YouTube account, your YouTube channel can be a great source of content for your Andromo app. Finding your feed can be a bit tricky, as the correct feed URL for your playlist isn't that obvious, however once you know the trick it's pretty simple.

The Playlist URL

YouTube has a handy Interactive YouTube API Demo Beta that you can use to find and configure your feed links, but for this article we'll show you how to get the YouTube feed URL for your playlist using your YouTube playlist URL.

In general you need to get your playlist ID and then replace XXXX in the following base feed format:

We'll show you the steps using the following example YouTube playlist URL:

In this case the playlist ID is after the ?list=PL. So the playlist ID would be: QIkRevU6k8XJUjoQ2qmjyl6Vovwa6npR

Once we have that information, we want to insert our playlist ID into the base feed URL to get your YouTube Feed URL. As we mentioned at the beginning, the base feed URL is the following, where XXXX represents your playlist ID:

Using the playlist ID QIkRevU6k8XJUjoQ2qmjyl6Vovwa6npR, our YouTube Feed URL becomes the following:

That is the value you'll enter in the YouTube activity's "YouTube Feed URL" setting when "Display Videos By" is set to "YouTube Feed URL".

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