Why is my AdMob Account Not Showing Any Revenue?

Configuring your Android app to start displaying AdMob ads and making you money is quite simple.

Assuming you have uploaded your App to Google Play and you see at least 100 installations, you should be making some money. However, if you're looking at your AdMob dashboard/reports and not seeing any movement (be patient - it can take 3-4 days for AdMob to approve your account and app - you won't see anything during this time), then you've likely missed one of the following steps.

Go through this list step-by-step and everything will work fine. Miss one of these steps, and it won't work. So, slow down and take this one step at a time.

First login to your Andromo account and click on the Project you want to edit. Then...

  1. Go to the Monetization tab.

  2. In the 'Banner Ads' section, check the box labelled 'AdMob Banners'.

  3. Enter your AdMob Ad Unit ID (or legacy Publisher ID). Do the same in the 'Interstitial Ads' section if you want them enabled too. Make sure you enter it correctly, and choose the correct ad format ID (banners or interstitials) or you won't get any credit! We have a Knowledge Base article to walk you through this. Follow these instructions exactly: http://support.andromo.com/kb/monetization-options/setting-up-admob...

  4. Click 'Save Changes'

  5. Go to the 'Build' tab

  6. Click 'Build My App'

  7. We'll email your Android App (.APK) file to you.

  8. Upload your app to Google Play

  9. Wait a couple of days (it can take 3-4 for AdMob to activate your account and possibly a few days for your app to be found in Google Play searches etc). It can also take a few minutes for ads to start being served the first time you use it.

  10. If people install your app and actually use it, you'll start seeing revenue in your AdMob account. Just because you have 20 people who have downloaded your app, doesn't mean you're going to make any money. You need hundreds, more likely thousands of installs in order to see things really moving.

Good luck!