Setting Up AirBop on the Google Cloud Console

Google has recently transitioned from the Google API Console to the Google Cloud Console, also referred to as the Google Developer Console. This means that the steps required to create your Google API project have changed. If you are using the new Google Cloud Console please follow these directions:

Open the Google Cloud Console page.

If you have not created a project you will be prompted to do so. However if you have you will see a list of your projects. To create a new project press the Create Project button in the upper left corner of the page:


You will then be prompted to name your project and provide it with a unique ID:


If you have not already verified your account you will need to verify you account with Google using either the SMS or voice call method.

After verifying and creating a project, you will need to select APIs & auth from the menu on the left. Once the list of APIs load, you will need to find Google Cloud Messaging for Android in the list and enable it.


The next step is to generate your API Key. You can do this by first selecting Credentials in the APIs & auth section of the menu, followed by pressing the Create New Key button under Public API access.


On the Create a new key dialog, press the Browser key button.


On the Create a browser key and configure allowed referers dialog, leave the settings blank, and just press the Create button.


At this stage you should now see your Google API Key labeled API key listed under Key for browser applications as shown below. You'll need this key in order to create your app on AirBop.


The last bit of information you need is the Google Project Number which can be found in the Overview section: