Getting YouTube IDs

In order to create the proper YouTube Data API requests certain YouTube values are needed. The next section will detail these values and explain how to get them.

User ID

This is the YouTube username. If you are going to show videos from your YouTube account you can find this value in the upper right-hand corner if you are logged in or in the URL to your channel. E.g. the following is the URL for my channel:

My username can be seen after the '/user/' value in the URL and is markIndigoRose

Video ID

This represents the ID of a specific video that has been uploaded to YouTube. You can get the video ID from the URL of a video. E.g. for the following YouTube video URL:

The video id is represented by the v parameter. So in this case the video ID is: qAShPzHEu1Q1

Playlist ID

This is the ID of a playlist on YouTube. This value can be found in the URL for the playlist that you want to use. E.g. the URL for my Andromo playlist is as follows:

That playlist id is after the /c/ value in the URL. So my Andromo Playlist's ID is: C9834EB1F487C712

Updated YouTube accounts may have playlist URLs like so:

In that case the playlist id is after the ?list=PL. So the playlist ID would be: C9834EB1F487C712

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