This area allows you to choose from a variety of useful tools and services like Google Analytics and AirBop Push Messaging.

Google App Analytics

Google Analytics lets you anonymously track user activity within your app. Using the Google Analytics service, you can view statistics like which activities your users visit, how much time they spend there, and even often they launch your app. This can give you valuable insight into how your users interact with your apps, helping you make your apps better.

Note: As of version 3.0.6 of Andromo, you need to use an App analytics code instead of a Web one (your old Web analytics UA-XXXXX-YY code will no longer work). If you were using analytics prior to 3.0.6, you will need to generate a new App ID and update the settings in your project.

See How to use Google Analytics in your Application for full instructions on using Google Analytics in your project.

AirBop Push Message Notifications

AirBop Push notifications allow you to send information to the users of your apps, even when the apps aren't running. They're an incredibly powerful marketing tool -- if used properly and judiciously. For complete details about integrating push notifications into your app, please see the AirBop Push Message Notifications knowledge base article.