Refund Policy

It is free to create your app with Andromo, try out all the features and make sure you are happy before you pay us one cent.

The only reasons to purchase a subscription are:

  • To turn off the ads so you can sell your app.
  • To enable the monetization/advertising features so you can make money off your app.
  • Create more than one app.

Therefore, all sales are final. No refunds will be made.

It's free to signup with Andromo and create your first app. We give you full access to all of Andromo's project settings, activities, documentation and features so you can see what we're all about before you spend any money.

There are also tens of thousands off apps made with Andromo up on Google Play that you can investigate to see what other people have built using Andromo -

Since we do not disable or expire apps that you have built, we have an "all sales final" policy as stated on both our pricing and subscription pages.

Please be sure that Andromo offers the features that you're looking for before you purchase a subscription.

Instructions for cancelling your subscription payments or changing your subscription type are located here:

Thanks for your support and understanding!