How subscriptions work

Andromo subscriptions allow you to create projects and build your apps. Building is the automated process that takes your project and all the settings you've entered and turns it into an Android .apk file, ready to be installed onto a device or uploaded to Google Play.

Subscription Benefits

Make as many apps as your plan allows

Andromo offers a variety of affordable subscription plans. You may make as many apps as you desire within the limits of your plan. The Trial plan allows for 1 app, the Starter plan allows for 50 while the Pro plan allows for Unlimited apps.

Use all activity types offered by your plan

You may use any of the available activity types as allowed for by your Andromo subscription. The Trial plan may limit the available activities. The Starter plan includes all the current activities. The Pro plan may offer additional activities at some point.

Keep 100% of your ad revenue

If you choose to show ads in your apps, you keep 100% of the ad revenue.

You will be paid directly by the ad publisher (e.g. AdMob).

You do not have to share any of the revenue with Andromo.

You will continue to receive 100% of the ad revenue generated by your app if you ever choose to cancel your account. Cancelling doesn't affect your ad revenues at all.

Keep in mind, however, that apps typically perform better when they are kept current. Many users use the "last updated" date as an indication of the app developer's attention/dedication to the app.

Build apps with or without ads

All Andromo subscriptions allow you to turn off advertising. You have full control over whether or not to show ads in any of your apps.

No ads will be shown unless you want them to be shown -- there is no default ad for Andromo.

All Andromo subscriptions allow you to turn off advertising in order to make "for sale" versions of your apps.

Sell your apps on Google Play

You may upload apps built with Andromo to Google Play, and charge money for them if you wish.

Note: this requires a Google Play developer account.

Build apps without limits

There are no limits placed on how many installs your apps can have -- your installs are not limited by your subscription in any way.

There are no hidden fees or royalties.

You do not have to pay extra once your app becomes successful. Once your app is built, it's yours.

Your success is limited only by the quality of your apps, and how well you market them.

Access all feature enhancements and updates

We are constantly working to improve Andromo. Your Andromo subscription allows you to take advantage of all bug fixes, new features, and improvements, simply by rebuilding your apps.

Professional subscriptions

In addition to the regular subscriptions, a Professional subscription is available with advanced features for professionals who want to build white-label apps that do not contain any reference to Andromo.

The Professional subscription:

  • removes "Powered by Andromo" from the About screen
  • lets you customize your app's Java package name
  • gives priority queuing for your build jobs

What happens when you cancel

Cancelling an Andromo subscription means you won't be charged on your next billing date. You can continue to build for as much time as you had left in your subscription. We do not provide refunds for unused time on your subscription.

After your subscription runs out, you will not be able to build your projects into Android .apk files until you start a new subscription. However, all of your apps will continue to work.

See How to cancel or change a subscription for more information.

Cancelling doesn't shorten your subscription

When you cancel your subscription, you can still build for the remainder of the time until your subscription would have expired. So, if you have four months left in your subscription when you cancel, you will still be able to build your projects for the remaining four months.

Built apps never expire

Cancelling your subscription doesn't have any effect on the apps you've already made with Andromo. Your apps will continue to work, and you will continue to receive 100% of any ad revenue (if your apps show ads), even after your subscription has expired.

Changing your subscription

To change from one subscription level to another -- for example, to change from a Starter subscription to a Professional one -- simply cancel and resubscribe.

See How to cancel or change a subscription for more information.


You may resubscribe at any time after you cancel by starting a new Andromo subscription. The cost of your new subscription will be whatever the normal rate for an Andromo subscription is at that time. Subscription types and features my also change over time.

Special offers

If your previous subscription rate was discounted through a special offer, you will lose that special discounted rate when you unsubscribe. The same goes for features, limits etc. You must keep your subscription active in order to continue receiving the discount, features and limits of your plan.

Price changes

Your subscription will remain the same price so long as you don't cancel it. The price you sign up for is "locked in" for as long as you keep your subscription going.

Even if the normal price for the subscription changes, at renewal time you will still be billed the same amount that you signed up for. This will continue for as long as you keep your subscription going.

If you cancel, you will lose your current rate; when you resubscribe, you will be charged whatever the normal rate is for that subscription.

Note: Subscriptions are automatically billed on monthly or yearly intervals as indicated on the plan description, such as 'Billed Annually' or 'Billed Monthly'.