Twitter Activity

The Twitter Activity allows you to display one of three different twitter timelines. You can choose to: display a specific twitter user's timeline, a timeline from a list, or a timeline based on a search of the most recent public tweets.

Adding a Twitter Activity

To add a Twitter activity to your project: start editing your project and go to the Activities tab. Under 'Your App Activities' click the + Add an Activity button and select Twitter from the list.


Activity Name

The name that will be given to your activity. This will appear on the dashboard, toolbar, and navigation drawer. This can be whatever you want but should probably describe the feed that you will be displaying. For our example we'll use "Andromo Tweets"


A few words describing this activity. This subtitle text may be displayed on the dashboard if the dashboard's item style supports it.


A longer paragraph describing this activity. This description text may be displayed on the dashboard if the dashboard's item style supports it.


This is a relative index that controls the order of the activities in your application. The position will effect where your activity is displayed on the dashboard and navigation drawer. For more information on this setting please read: How to change the order of the icons on the dashboard.

Build this activity (include it in the app)

Whether or not this activity will be included in the app. This may be useful if you're creating different versions of your app that you want to contain different content.

Hide this activity (don't list it on any dashboards or navigation drawer)

When selected, this activity won't show on the dashboard or the navigation drawer. You can still access this activity from an HTML-based activity using it's Activity URL. For more information, refer to the topic Linking to Another Activity.


The Theme setting allows you to inherit theme settings from the global theme, parent theme, or override the theme settings for the activity. See the Activity Theme topic for descriptions of these settings.


The Images section allows you to provide the images to show on the activity and those that will be used to represent it on it's parent dashboard and navigation drawer. See the Activity Images topic for descriptions of these settings.


The Toolbar setting allows you to inherit the toolbar settings from the global toolbar, parent toolbar, or override the toolbar settings for the activity. See the Activity Toolbar topic for descriptions of these settings.


Twitter Mode

  • Tweets by a specific Twitter Username - This option will show the tweets from a specific Twitter user’s timeline.
  • Tweets from a Twitter List - Show all the latest tweets contained within a users list. Learn more about lists on the twitter website:
  • Tweets that match a Search Phrase - Searches all public Tweets for keywords, usernames, hashtags, or subject and displays the results.

Twitter Username

The Twitter screen name/username of the user whose timeline will be shown. e.g @AndromoRocks

Twitter List

The exact name of the list to display, this list must be a list that the user either owns or subscribes to. E.g Android News.

Search Phrase

The string to search for, the timeline returned will be the public tweets that match this search string. e.g. Andromo, or “New York”.

Twitter OAuth Settings

Andromo's Twitter activity requires that you identify your application to Twitter for making requests by way of an API key and secret. This is usually referred to as your "consumer key" and "consumer secret". You can generate these two values by registering your app on Twitter's Application Management page. For more information about getting your Twitter API Keys, please see the article Twitter Oauth Settings.

Consumer key

Your app's "Consumer key" value located in your Twitter application's record on the "Details" tab under "OAuth settings".

Consumer secret

Your app's "Consumer secret" value located in your Twitter application's record on the "Details" tab under "OAuth settings".

Activity URL

The unique reference URL for this activity that can be used for linking to it. For an example of it's usage, refer to the topic Linking to Another Activity.

What the Twitter Activity Contains

The Twitter Activity contains one activity, a list of tweets in the specified timeline. When you initially visit this activity it will be blank, and your Andromo app will query the twitter servers and populate it with tweets if there are any. Each item will contain the user’s name, screen name, a date the tweet was published, and the tweet text itself.


You can scroll through the list and select an item to view. When you click on a tweet you will be able to view the tweet and any other related tweets either in the web browser or the twitter application.


Long clicking on a tweet will bring up a context menu letting you share the tweet or follow the user that created the tweet.


Some Examples

Let’s look at the twitter settings for a twitter list.

First I need to set the Twitter Mode to Tweets from a Twitter List. Next I’ll set the Twitter Username to @verge and the Twitter List to verge. Then after I build you can see the public tweets from the list:


Here's an example of searching for #homebrew one of my hobbies:


Our last example is the timeline for your favourite twitter user and mine: @AndromoRocks: