Google Play Activity

The Google Play activity is used to create an icon on the dashboard that points to an application, or list of applications on Google Play (previously known as the Android Market). This allows you to do things such as provide easy access to a paid version of your app, or show other apps you've created.

Example Screenshots

Google Play Activity Example

Google Play Activity Tablet Example

Adding a Google Play Activity

To add an Google Play activity to your project: start editing your project and go to the Activities tab. Under 'Your App Activities' click the + Add an Activity button and select Google Play from the list.

Now let's take a look at the Google Play Activity settings.


Activity Name

The name that you want to give your activity. This will appear on the dashboard and on the Action bar. It can be whatever you want but should probably describe what it is used for. For our example "My Other Apps".


A few words describing this activity. This text may be displayed on the dashboard as a subtitle when it's Show Subtitle Text setting is enabled.


This is a relative index that controls the order of the activities in your application. The position will effect where your activity is displayed on the dashboard and in the action bar drop down. For more information on this setting please read: How to change the order of the icons on the dashboard.

Build this activity (include it in the app)

Whether or not this activity will be included in the app. This may be useful if you're creating different versions of your app that you want to contain different content.

Hide this activity (don't list it on any dashboards or navigation drop-downs)

When selected, this activity won't show on the dashboard or any navigation drop-downs. You can still access this activity from an HTML-based activity using it's Activity URL. For more information, refer to the topic Linking to Another Activity.


This is where you can select the icon that will be used to represent this activity on the dashboard. Click the 'Browse' button to select an image file.


Google Play URL

The URL of a specific application, or a search query you want to perform in Google Play. See the Examples section below for samples of its usage.

Activity URL

The unique reference URL for this activity that can be used for linking to it. For an example of it's usage, refer to the topic Linking to Another Activity.


Linking to Specific Apps - Links to specific apps have the following form, where <package_name> is the package name of that specific app:<package_name>

As an example, a real application would look like the following, where the package name is 'com.andromo.dev6.app23495':

Showing all of your Apps - To show all of your apps, you would provide a search using your Google Play 'publisher name'. This type of link has the following form, where <publisher_name> is your publisher name in Google Play. The publisher name of apps is usually shown below the app name in Google Play:<publisher_name>

Using a General Search Query - If you want to create a link that uses a general search query in Google Play, the link should have the following form, where <query> is the search query you want to perform:<query>

For example, you could provide a search for any apps that contain the keyword 'hockey' using the following:

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