Email Activity

The Email activity is used to initiate an email message using the end user's chosen email client with a specific email address, and optional subject and text. This allows users to initiate an email with a single click.

Adding an Email Activity

To add an Email activity to your project: start editing your project and go to the Activities tab. Under 'Your App Activities' click the + Add an Activity button and select Email from the list.

Now let's take a look at the Email Activity settings.


Activity Name

The name that you want to give your activity. This will appear on the dashboard and navigation drawer. It can be whatever you want but should probably describe what it is used for. For our example "Email Us".


A few words describing this activity. This subtitle text may be displayed on the dashboard if the dashboard's item style supports it.


A longer paragraph describing this activity. This description text may be displayed on the dashboard if the dashboard's item style supports it.


This is a relative index that controls the order of the activities in your application. The position will effect where your activity is displayed on the dashboard and the navigation drawer. For more information on this setting please read: How to change the order of the icons on the dashboard.

Build this activity (include it in the app)

Whether or not this activity will be included in the app. This may be useful if you're creating different versions of your app that you want to contain different content.

Hide this activity (don't list it on any dashboards or navigation drawer)

When selected, this activity won't show on the dashboard or the navigation drawer. You can still access this activity from an HTML-based activity using it's Activity URL. For more information, refer to the topic Linking to Another Activity.


The Theme setting allows you to inherit theme settings from the global theme, parent theme, or override the theme settings for the activity. See the Activity Theme topic for descriptions of these settings.


The Images section allows you to provide the images that will be used to represent it on it's parent dashboard and navigation drawer. See the Activity Images topic for descriptions of these settings.


This activity type does not contain a user interface therefore these Toolbar settings do not apply. See the Activity Toolbar topic for descriptions of these settings.


Email Address

The email address to send to. For example,


The subject line for the email message. For example, 'Please send me information about your company'. This field is optional.


The text you would like to appear in the email message. This field is optional.

Activity URL

The unique reference URL for this activity that can be used for linking to it. For an example of it's usage, refer to the topic Linking to Another Activity.