Audio Tracks

See Audio Player Activity for information about the Audio Player activity settings.

Each audio track has the following settings:



The name of the audio track as it will appear in the track list. You may use letters, numbers and most symbols, except for "quotation marks."


A second line of text that will appear below the title in the track list. This is a great place to show the artist name, album name, etc.


A relative index that controls the order of the audio tracks. Lower numbers will appear first in the list.

Audio File

Track Type

Use this setting to choose where your audio track is located.

You can either upload a file and have it built right into your app, or you can provide the URL to a file that is hosted somewhere on the internet.

Note: you can mix and match both track types in your playlist.

Upload Audio File

(Only visible when Track Type is set to "Upload File.")

Use this to upload an audio file and have it built into your app.

Note that this will add to the total size of your app -- if you're planning to publish your app in the Google Play, be aware that Google Play only allows apps up to 100 MB in size.

In general you should try to keep your file sizes as small as possible.

Advantages to uploading:

  • users can access the file offline (they don't need internet access to hear the track)
  • the track will start playing without any delay
  • playing the track won't add to the user's data transfer

Disadvantages to uploading:

  • each uploaded track adds to the size of your app
  • each track has a maximum size of 10 MB

Stream File from URL

(Only visible when Track Type is set to "Stream File from URL.")

Use this if your audio file is located on a web server. The URL must begin with "http:" or "https:" (other protocols are not supported at this time).

Example: if we had an audio file named "happy_song.mp3" on our web site at, the URL might look like this:

Advantages to streaming:

  • the tracks won't add to the size of your app
  • the individual audio files can be any size (e.g. larger than 10 MB)

Disadvantages to streaming:

  • users can't access the file offline (they need internet access to hear the track)
  • there will be a short delay before the track starts playing as the connection is established and the audio file is buffered
  • streaming audio over the internet may incur data transfer fees

Supported Formats

See Supported Audio Formats.

Streaming Audio

See Streaming Audio.

File Sizes

See Audio File Sizes.

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